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Latest Google addition for cross platform development, becoming a popular choise in quick time

Flutter Release from tech giant Google has confirmed that cross platform development works and going to stay. React Native has been a polular choice for cross platform for the last good number of years. Its a great platform for Javascript lovers but what if you are a fan the strongly typed, true object oriented language, Flutter comes with all goodness of a modern programming language DART, could be your choice with all benefits of React Native development offers. Choose Flutter for:

Great for Startups

Flutter solves many challenges startups face. Every startup like to launch the product quickly as its important for them to prove their unique propostion and establish this before somebody else takes over. They need a cost effective solution and scalable solution. If you are looking for cost effective, quick product lanuch, scalable but still love design patterns, object oriented and strongly typed language with a confidence of Google, Flutter is for you. It ticks almost all the points for startup apps. We help startups to launch apps on android & IOS platforms at the same time time reducing the product launch timeline.

MVP Development

Flutter is best for MVP products as well. MVP products are built to validate the idea and keep improvising & scaling with constant feedback received. This needs cost effective, scalable and the most important a great team to collborate & maintain the app with constant changes. The one source code and same development team helps a lot than having mutiple teams and running after one developer to another.

Reasons to hire our Flutter team

Flutter has gained popularity in market in the last couple of years but it will take time to mature and build a great community. You need good experienced developers to solve problems in quick time. We have a great flutter team and can deliver any kind of apps.
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Complete Transparency

One of the key principles of scrum theory, we use tools like trello, jira, slack, skype and create a collaborative team to make it transparent.

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DevOps enable deliveries

We try to automate the pratices as much as possible. Devops is great advantage when it comes to deliveries to make it hassle free and quick deployment time.

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Non Disclosure Agreements

We understand the important of your product Idea and maintain the secrecy of the same. Before you start we make sure the NDA is accepted and exchanged.

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One point of contact

We value your time and give you one go to person to manage your product as product manager. Need not to run to multiple teams to manage your product.

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Quality code

We follow standard coding practices, code comments, api documentations and run code reviews to deliver a quality maintainable code.

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Agile practices

Our core project managed team has more than 8 years experience in practicing agile. We follow scrum as go to approach but we do not restrict our process to a box approach.

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