Direzione.Art Search Engine Revolutionizes Artists and Venue Booking

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Website: https://www.direzione.art/ Industry: Art & Entertainment


Direzione.Art is a specialized search engine tailored to simplify the process of locating technical sheets for venues and shows. It serves as a crucial tool for tour managers and artist directories, facilitating direct contact and streamlining the booking process. This extensive archive is dedicated to professionals in the live entertainment industry, enabling them to share and discover shows and venues across major Italian cities.


Direzione.Art faced significant challenges in managing and compiling data through web forms and spreadsheets. This manual process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, hindering the efficient connection of artists and agents with venues. The marketplace’s unique three-sided structure (artists, agents, and venues) further complicated the situation, as existing solutions typically catered to only two sides. Direzione.Art needed a robust, automated solution to handle data and search filters effectively, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our Approach:

IcodeLabs adopted a comprehensive approach to understand the specific needs of Direzione.Art and the live entertainment industry. We collaborated closely with the client to identify the pain points and develop a custom software solution that would not only address the existing challenges but also offer advanced features to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.


Icodelabs crafted a tailored software solution aimed at connecting and empowering live entertainment professionals in Italian cities. This comprehensive platform serves as an archive for both artists and venues, facilitating efficient discovery and collaboration within the industry.


  • JavaScript (JS)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • React
  • React Router
  • Nginx
  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • PostgreSQL (PgSQL)

Customized Features:

  • Tawk Integration: Integrated live chat support for real-time assistance.
  • MS Clarity Integration: Utilized for user behavior analytics.
  • Google Tags Integration: Enhanced tracking and analytics capabilities.
  • Availability Calendar: Interactive calendars for scheduling shows and venues.
  • Interactive Spec Sheets: Both artists and venues can create and edit interactive technical spec sheets showcasing their details and capabilities.
  • Custom Search Filters: Advanced filtering options tailored to user needs.
  • Custom Agent Fields and Mapping: Specialized fields for agents and custom filter mapping for precise search results.
  • User Management: Different user roles (Artist, Agent, Venue Manager, Admin) with specific permissions for managing shows, venues, and data.
  • Login and Signup: Secure authentication for users.
  • Database: A centralized database eliminates the need for spreadsheets and allows for efficient data management.
  • Stripe Subscriptions and Payments: Simplifies financial transactions and subscription management.


  • Increased Efficiency: Automates data management and simplifies user interaction.
  • Improved Search and Discovery: Allows users to easily find suitable shows and venues.
  • Enhanced Communication: Facilitates direct communication between artists, agents, and venues.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Tracks user interaction and analytics to identify trending shows and venues.


By implementing Icodelabs' custom software solution, Direzione.Art successfully transitioned from manual data handling to an automated platform that significantly enhanced operational efficiency and user satisfaction. The streamlined processes and intuitive interface improved collaboration among artists, agents, and venue managers, thereby optimizing the booking and management of shows and venues in the live entertainment industry.

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