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Nodejs framework with the power of React

MongoDB, ExpressJs, ReactJs & NodeJs altogather abbreviated as MERN. Its all Javascript and its all open source, flexible, scalable, cost effective and guarantees sheer performance & speed. Although MERN is suitable for any kind of web applications, still one can make some great use cases:

Cloud based applications

Cloud based applications can scale quickly from no user to millians of users. NodeJs architecture offers great performance and ability to handle concurrent users. MongoDB is a Non Relational database and is elastic in nature, can handle varios kind of complex data structures with no schema binding which gives the confidence of storing any kind of data any time unlike RDBMS having solid but rigid schema binding. Facebooks React is a great frontend framework build for high performance and great reusability experience. Express has great capability of adding middlewares and has huge online community based support.

Real time & progressive web apps

If you are looking for realtime web apps which handle two way binding of data, features like instant chat, instant notifications, asynchronus calls without page refresh MERN could be used and even be extended to develop progressive web apps with some addional frameworks.

For all Node & React fans

MERN stack is used by companies like Facebook,walmart, Netflix, Uber and many more. So if you are a Nodejs and React lover, use React and with Redux, thunk.

why us

Reasons to hire our MERN team

Our team of React developers have more than 5 years of development experience . Our core focus is to deliver quality, maintainable & scalable solution.

Non Disclosure Agreements

We understand the important of your product Idea and maintain the secrecy of the same. Before you start we make sure the NDA is accepted and exchanged.

Agile practices

Our core project managed team has more than 8 years experience in practicing agile. We follow scrum as go to approach but we do not restrict our process to a box approach.

Complete Transparency

One of the key principles of scrum theory, we use tools like trello, jira, slack, skype and create a collaborative team to make it transparent.

DevOps enable deliveries

We try to automate the pratices as much as possible. Devops is great advantage when it comes to deliveries to make it hassle free and quick deployment time.

One point of contact

We value your time and give you one go to person to manage your product as product manager. Need not to run to multiple teams to manage your product.

Quality code

We follow standard coding practices, code comments, api documentations and run code reviews to deliver a quality maintainable code.

The MERN environment:

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • ReactJs
  • Redux
  • Redux-Thunk
  • React-Navigation
  • Firebase
  • Apollo client
  • NodeJs
  • ExpressJs
  • Swagger
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • DigitalOcean
  • IBM Cloud

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