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Posted By: Jay Tiwary

Hiring an offshore development team

Although remote teams are not a new thing but COVID-19 has given proof that it works well and in fact a better solution in some cases. The pandemic has shown us a new way of living life and working cultures. People are liking the work from home culture and they find it more productive when they have been given flexibility. The IT and enabled industry with offshore and distributed team culture has been practicing for many years. In modern times, the IT infrastructure has given valuable tools to hire, manage, collaborate, and measure productivity which gives numerous benefits such as: However, the question is how should I hire a team, and more importantly how can I make it work?Finding a software developer or a team is just a click away, search google you can get countless options but what makes it difficult is when you have so many options its challenging to choose the one best for you. If you do not come from a software development background or you do not understand much of the software development business this could become a nightmare. I have been talking to many of my clients and was trying to understand their problems while choosing an offshore team, some of the doubts they have in their mind were:Not necessarily, there is no one right fit for everybody. The business scale and the budget must be respected and the solutions should be built as per the financial viability of the business. Different business has different needs, your MVP accounting product may not be necessarily competent with SAP, People soft and if you are a startup implementing SAP to your business may not fit. But what is relevant is you need a product that works for you, maintainable and scalable at least to take to you to the planned number of users the system was built for. You find a development partner which fits your pocket size but should have the capability to deliver what is discussed above.The key is the person (Project Manager) and the team handling your project. Give some time while shortlisting them, do not rush to hire or don't hire because somebody has given 5 start rating to or some agency has good staff strength. After a couple of calls and validations, you can make a better judgment. You do the validation checks yourself and engage with the team to deliver a quality product. That's where you save money. There are many who prefer to work as Independent freelancer even after having so much experience. There are many who join small organizations to grow faster and get more opportunities than working in an MNC. You can find good professionals in smaller agencies or freelancers as well but you need to make sure you have ticked all the points discussed above. Conclusion: In my opinion, hiring an offshore development team is an extremely cost-effective solution. Hiring should be focussed on process and architecture-oriented. Collaboration with the team helps to reduce the odd possible failure leading a successful product.


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