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Posted By: Jay Tiwary

Why DevOps is so important

Over the last decade, the software development industry has opted for Agile methodologies as a major development approach. The iterative and incremental approach seems to be working. Be it Scrum or kanban whichever forms you opt to implement agile the most important thing which has changed is the way we deliver. The ability to deliver incrementally and deliver faster is much more needed.The challenge of delivering quicker and accepting changes simultaneously makes it even more complicated. The need to deliver multiple releases in a month is a very common thing when you are using agile. The manual deployment and delivery process comes to a test when it comes to frequent changes and releases. The automation of deployment and managing the releases make this process better and saves a lot of time.Combining the two verticals Development (responsible to code) and Operations ( responsible for deployment & maintenance) in an organization and making a smoother automated process has led to coining the term Here are the top 5 reasons why one should opt DevOps: DevOps implementation improves delivery time as its all automated. The moment code gets pushed to the repository the CI/CD pipeline is triggered and completes the deployment. In case of failures, the notifications are triggered. The hassle of one team is running after the other is almost zero and your delivery is up and running in no time.The CI/CD pipeline is already tested hence there are very fewer chances of failure. The major deployable units are already set up and tested so the only chances of failure could be at the code level which the dev team can quickly fix without running after the operations team.The complete DevOps process runs as a collaborative service but still, each pipeline stage could be tested beforehand and limits the risk of zero-hour tantrums.The pipelines are written once and stored as yaml statements or integrated tools and hardly need any manual interventions on repeated executions. Hence it needs fewer man-hours which means increased productivity and cost-saving...A win-win for both clients and development teams.Organizations do pillar to post to improve their process. The DevOps is for sure a better process compared to manual deployments raising the standards of delivery. All the stakeholders are added to the notification channel that makes the information channel flow smoother.


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